Character Roll Call!
Hi, I'm Ryker!

The second oldest brother, and I am by farthest the cutest brother and not Clay! Obviously I am from Lincoln, The Family I Never Expected. Thankfully, we live with Garret now, so everything is getting better.

Sooo... cya everyone!
Hi Gwanma Dewy!

Did you see? Wincown and his widdwe bwodhews Wikew and Cway weawwy came ovew do pway widh us! An dhewe is a big kiddy boy named Geowges and even peopwe fwom dhe odher boawd! Isn’d dhad coow?
I'm Jacob from Lincoln, The Family I Never Expected. 

Umm, I'm sorta shy and scared around new people, but I guess I can say I'm the second youngest of the four brothers.
Hey everyone, I am Christian.

I was lucky enough to get four new cousins, as Lincoln, Ryker, Jacob, and Clay are brand new to the family (YES!). Which makes Garret my Uncle G and also one of my godparents. You can read about us in Lincoln, The Family I Never Expected.

I am soooooo stoked that there are so many kewl guys joining. Christian, I read about what happened... Dude... that was NOT cool. But listen to your Uncle G, he's one of the good ones... I can tell! Hang around here enough and you might just find yourself a decent boyfriend! I'm already taken, but... Wink
Hey Brent, ya it sucks. But I'm thinking it's should get better soon, or at least that's what Uncle G keeps telling me. So hopefully he is right, and yeah maybe someday I'll look for a boyfriend, but I've had about enough drama in my life right now.
(2018-07-05, 18:53:12)Kyle Richardson Wrote: One Mikyvis Flea Treatment ™ coming right up!!!


There - I put them all in the Author's Closet!!!

Thanks, Kyle. Now, we'll know where all the typos authors do all the time come from: From scratching their armpits while writing our adventures!
Hello yall, I'm Mike Dublin. I'm only 12 and very shy. 

I'm from Garret's story Boise ID
(2018-07-05, 22:18:51)Georges Gontineac Wrote: Oh! The picshur izh from when I wazh olderzh. I 'm only twelvzh now!!

Apparently the picshurzh never gotsh poshted.  shorriezh!!
Welcome to the Treehouse Mike! There's an awesome group of guys here that are gonna try to break that shyness of yours. Just keep in mind, many of them are just finding real happiness and now they feel everyone needs to be just as happy as they are. Keep an eye on the smallest ones, they seem to be the leaders when it comes to the plan of attack...
Marc Furst - CSAID Medical Director

[Image: csaidvi.gif]
Thanks, I like making new friends. But I'm never good at it.
I am 'Goos' The King Dragon from The Story Lover's Dragon Earl Universe, I love to take my good friend Jonah and his friend John for rides on my back. Jonah and his friends at his Nana's love it when we play 'Catch a Kid' where I pick up a kid and then toss them in the air so they can land on my back. I have updated that game to 'Catch and Drop an Author' where I grab a Cliffhanging Author fly very high and then drop them catch them and drop them again until they decide to end the cliffhanger.

Although I am officially Prince Joth's Dragon, I am also a great friend of Prince Just'.
[Image: dragon.gif]Til we fly again,

'Goos' from The Story Lover's story "Dragon Earl" at The Story Lover's Home

[Image: GoosBanner1.gif]
Hey everyone! I'm Eric Knocks-Downing, formerly known as Eric-382. The story that was named after me wasn't really me so ACFan and TSL coerced TrueFan to pick up my story. I'm happy he's making me a regular part of FCS: Las Vegas now.

If ANYONE sings "Send in the Clones" when I walk into the room, I'm gonna give you the most painful wedgie!

You can find my stories on either or
Hello, my name is Zal. I am half human, half-elf. TrueFan thinks he came up with the idea of the Prophecy that unfolds in the story Zal'Nim Prophecy on but in reality, I met a kid named Luke and he brought the idea and burned it into TrueFan's head while he slept.

I hope you enjoy the quest I was on with 11 others who became like family to me, especially my soon-to-be mate, Nim.
Greetings and Salutations to all! My name is Nim, I am from the same quest as Zal, the Zal'Nim Prophecy. I still can't believe what we went through, and to think we saved our world, it's just amazing. I want to thank TrueFan for sharing our story with all of you, if you want to read it, you can go to
Hi, I'm Shay. Once I was an assassin youth. Now I'm a captain! My crew, their crazy for cookies. You can read the story here: in Digital Refresh.
Uh... hi. Um... I'm kind of new here. I'm best friends with Alex, but you might not know him, cos we live in London. I never mentioned that before, but yeah, Muswell Hill, it's in the north. He lives over the hill, or is that up the hill? Anyway, we only have to cross the park from my house to his. Things are kinda funny at the moment. Because it's new. No, I don't mean being here, but that as well. No, I mean Alex and me. Look, I guess I can't tell everything now... mum's calling me for tea. You can catch up here - That's mum again, I got to go, talk later maybe...
“As long as we're together, the rest can go to hell, I absolutely love you, but we're absolute beginners, with eyes completely open, but nervous all the same”
(2018-07-05, 18:53:12)Kyle Richardson Wrote: One Mikyvis Flea Treatment ™ coming right up!!!


There - I put them all in the Author's Closet!!!

Thanks! It was funny to see all them pesky authors run out of the closet. It gives a totally new meaning to 'being out of the closet'!

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