Fictional Characters Unite!!!
Timmy asked me to write a little something about where the whole idea came from for us to have our own forum. The answer is simple: From Us!

Yup, once the authors realized that there was no way they had a shot at controlling us on their own, we convinced them to give us a sub-forum of our own where we could all just hang out and have fun. For the authors, it was a break for them and made them feel all important cause "They allowed us this space..." blah, blah, blah.

Well, a little bit at a time, we worked our way out wherever and whenever we could until Uncle ACFan finally broke and built us Timmy's first Treehouse. It was really cool, gave us more room to play but, still had a bunch of author babble and "read my story" crap in it. Sure, we had more say in what went on but, it was still under the supervision of the supposed adults.

In Timmy's New treehouse, the authors get a closet! That's right, we started out hidden away in one subforum on the Fort board and answered to the authors on the old Treehouse, here you answer to us. We were the fictional characters over there, in here authors are fictional and have their space that we will expect them to stay in.

Who am I kidding? <giggle>

Uncle AC and Jeff really went out of their way to build us a new home after the old ones broke. Each and every time something went wrong and we were going to lose our space, they built us a new one. They didn't have to but they did, and even though we pick on them something awful, we do appreciate the work they put in. (Don't tell them I said that! I'll deny it!)

So from the "Compound" to the "TreeHouse" to the "TreeHouse" (You'd think they'd at least give it a new name. Lazy!), we have a new place to be us. From what I've heard, there are a ton of new stories with new characters that we've never met too. Someone's gotta get them to come in here to play. They don't need to bring their authors though. Too many of those guys around and the "Closet" isn't that big Wink

So as my friends and family move in, I hope to see lots of stuff that is familiar but lots of new stuff too. Let's have some fun!
Danny - CSAID Director
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Ok. Fictional Characters. To form a Union, we need a constitution, which must be public, a means of adhesion, and a way to leave; also rules of dissolution, the need to establish quorum, electoral rules and what not. I do not recommend wolf pack rules... and a governing body. Who wants to go around biting butts to make a point across? And I'm way too dictatorial to be president. If I get any title it will be too low for me... (snickers).
biting butts works good though!

No biting our friends!

I think nominations are a good idea; Timmy's due for a re-election run anyway. Just don't nominate me -- I'm not interested in being a president of anything else!!!!
You're a chicken, Cor!

(Notices Cory writing)

You nominate me and I'm gonna send my attack raccoons after you!
what the heck, everyone already calls me the King of the Mikyvis! If y'all wanna nominate me, feel free - I don't care. I'll make it official though and nominate Timmy!
I nominate Prez!

(runs for his life)
Your red roots must be ticking your brain, Justy. I can’t be a president. I’m already a dicktator. Why would I take step backwards?
I think Timmy is the bestest one to be it... afterall it's his treehouse.
ok so when do nominations come to an end so i can build the candidates list and distribute the bulletins? I suggest Holloween night... Getting elected is a good scare!
I pick whoever was the president last time!
Good question that. My Alzheimer must be peeking its ugly head as I can't remember who was...
(2018-08-04, 20:00:27)Ryker Barnard Wrote: I pick whoever was the president last time!

>> runs over and gives Ryker the bestest six year old hug he can <<<

Clay was right, you are a smart big brother! C'mon, Grandma made a buncha brownies, you can help me test them to make sure they's awesome as usual!
Clubhouse President

Remember Authors, in MY reality YOU are fictional!
and THAT's how Timmy won the last time! <giggle>
(shakes head with a smile)

Sometimes you amaze me, Fireball! If your birth dad was anything like you, it's no wonder he was a successful diplomat.

Ryker, could you be a dear and help make sure Timmy gets the milk in the glass this time instead of on the floor? Thanks, sweetie!
Most kids collect stamps or baseball cards, mine collect family!

I'm Grandma to Timmy, Mom to Cory and Sean ... and get called Mom by a group somewhere in the thousands!
<Giggles as he wanders in to grab a brownie, only to find Timmy has rounded up ALL of Ryker's brothers on the way to the munchies, and is now giving his version of the play-by-play of the first soccer game he saw Sean playing in>

Hey guys! Timmy's kinda proud of his Pop and me, if you couldn't tell. Tongue The good news is he's really good about only telling ya about us once! Timmy, remember to breath, okay munchkin?

I ain't even told them 'bout you savin' me from the car esploding six seconds 'for the bomb went boom.
Clubhouse President

Remember Authors, in MY reality YOU are fictional!
<notices everyone freezes at the news>

Relax guys, while it's true, me and Sean happened to be at the right place at the right time. I just got done talking with your Dad, and he was in the same situation -- he saw someone in trouble, and committed himself to helping however he could to fix the trouble. Timmy's first Dad was a diplomat, a really important one, and someone decided to put a couple of bombs in his car. The first one blew off the front tire, and the car almost hit the car I was in. While me, Sean, and some of the guys we call brothers were helping to try to save the people in the wreck, I somehow accidentally cut the trigger wires to the second bomb. Timmy's Dad died as the docs were trying to save him, but his last words were that he wanted the guy who got Timmy out to raise him. That was me, and Timmy's Grandpa insisted that his son's last words be honored. That's how I ended up being a 14 year old with a 6 year old son, and to this day I think it is one of the best things to ever happen to me. Kyle's dad is a shrink, and he says I have a form of PTSD; at one time it actually blocked a lot of my memory. Between Timmy and Sean giving me cuddles and support, when I do get hit with something, it's not near as bad as it used to be.

Okay, enough of the serious stuff, the brownies are getting cold!
<walks over and gives Cory a hug>

I still owe ya for makin' my skinny butt not give up, bro.

Guys, some of us have had it really bad, some of us got lucky and missed the bad stuff. It ain't a competition, but we try to be there for each other when someone needs to talk or just cry somethin' out. Our little freckled fireball over there once said that sometimes bad things gotta happen so that good things can happen; that's stuck in all our heads, and now when we see or hear about bad things, we look to figure out how we can make a good thing happen because of it. I heard that your Dad is taking the bad stuff from his past and is using it to give himself the push to make a safe place for kids ... I think that's the kinda stuff any of us that had bad things happen to us should do, make it something that keeps others from being hurt like we were.
Yeah... everybody goes through bad stuff, which sucks. Oh yeah, I don't really care who is president, I just don't think anyone of my brothers or I should be it. We are new, and well I don't want the responsibility... actually none of us do. Give it to someone else, especially if it means more to a person... so you can rule us out of the presidential thing. That includes Christian too, I don't think he wants the title. Actually I'm not sure I'm not sure... guess he can be asked, but I don't think he will.
hello i'm new
Hey coolkid, welcome to the treehouse!! poke around, feel free to add your thoughts to any post, and if you see any of those pesky authors tell them to get to work!

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