Do you wanna play In My Pants?
Oh wait... The game! You sicko! <giggle>

So, many, many, many, many, many years ago, <gasp> Jeff started a game that everyone had some fun playing over on the old forum. It was his "In My Pants" game and it was funny to read. People had lots of fun playing and years later and people were still adding to it. So I asked if I could play it here and he, of course, told me that I was welcomed to steal all of his ideas and take full credit which is exactly what I plan to do Wink

So how to play In My Pants... It never gets old.

All you need to do is add "In My Pants" to the end of a song title. That's it. Seriously It's that simple and sometimes the results can be really funny. I'll show you some I would have used IF I had been allowed to play over there. (Yes Jeff, I'm glaring at you.)

Why don't you get a job... in my pants

Welcome To The Jungle... In My Pants

Oops I did it again... in my pants

Chop Suey... In My Pants

All the Small Things... in my pants :/

You get the idea. They did it back when that game was new and I think we can make it better! So what do you say? Do you wanna play in my pants?

Really? You really need to focus here... <giggle>
Danny - CSAID Director
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#2 my pants (specifically a song by Alabama, with the lyrics "let's get reckless tonight")
The same old "roperry77" from the old fort forums.
Big Grin 
Hmm  I'm having trouble coming up with a song title that really works for this game.

The 1812 Overture in my pants .... no
Rhapsody in Blue in my pants.... still not feeling it.

However, years ago I was taught a variation of this song by a Baptist preacher.  That game was called Under the Sheets, and you could only use titles of church hymns.  Some examples that got me into trouble in church during long winded sermons by old geezers:

Amazing Grace under the sheets
Lo, Jesus Cometh under the sheets
He Shall Rise under the sheets

Oh... I did just think of one for this game.

Can't Touch This in my pants

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Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot.

Mark Twain

Oh man, that’s too much!

Who brought the funk... in my pants  Cool
Danny - CSAID Director
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Uncah Danny!!! I god one doo!

Old MacDonawd had a fawm in my pands! <giggle>
Nice one creep, maybe I’ll keep you around a little longer Wink

Here’s mine:

Heaven is a half pipe in my pants.
I wanna be sedated in my pants.
Teenagers in my pants... what? They could be Tongue
I wanna be your boyfriend in my pants.
I Think We're Alone Now in my pants
Don't Worry... Be Happy... In my pants
Makin' Whoopie in my pants
A Whole New World in my pants
Afternoon Delight in my pants...

I gots a million of em... I love this game!
Send Me An Angel ... in my pants
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Official Mikyvis Cuddle-Monster
The Closer You Get ... in my pants (Alabama)
We're Clan Short... you got a problem with that??
(Katy Perry) (Baby You're a) Firework ... in my pants
(Hall and Oates) Prying Eyes ... in my pants
(The Police) Every Breath You Take ... in my pants
(John Lennon) Woman ... in my pants
(John Lennon) Happy Xmas ... in my pants
(John Lennon) Beautiful Boy ... in my pants
(Sting) I'll Be Watching You ... in my pants
The same old "roperry77" from the old fort forums.
Hey roperry77! Jeff says hi and he’s happy you made it in Smile

Oh yeah, that’s off topic... um...

Flagpole sitta in my pants!

Is that crossing any lines? Tongue
Danny - CSAID Director
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Mary Had A Little Lamb ... in my pants Smile
Clubhouse President

Remember Authors, in MY reality YOU are fictional!
Hey Danny, thanks, and tell Jeff I said hey back.

and to keep on track...

(Michael Jackson) Bad ... in my pants
(Michael Jackson) Thriller ... in my pants
(Michael Jackson) Beat It ... in my pants
The same old "roperry77" from the old fort forums.
Wait a minute... Brent stole some of those titles from my head!
So... I had to come up with a few of my own...
(Lady Gaga) Bad Romance in my pants
(Silly Wizard) Ramblin' Rover in my pants
(100 Pipers) The Hair Fell Off My Coconut in my pants
(100 Pipers) Cock O' The North in my pants
(Jimmy Dean) Big John in my pants
(Devo) Whip It in my pants
and finally...
(10,000 Maniacs) How You've Grown in my pants
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Help TrueFan get his Mac!
(*N'Sync) I Want You Back ... in my pants
(Backstreet Boys) Everybody ... in my pants
(Backstreet Boys) Quit Playing Games ... in my pants
The same old "roperry77" from the old fort forums.
Little Old lady From Pasadena ... in my pants
Hot Rod Lincoln ... in my pants

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