Dumb question(s)
hey Danny, I have a couple of questions for you...

1- I used to be a moderator at the old tree house... If you need me tell me and I'll do the job again.

2-Discord is in discord with my OS (10.6.8) and just produces a white page. Suggestions?

3- Is theere a way to increase the font size? Typing and holding a magnifying glass at the same time is difficult at best (especially with my lack of opposing thumbs and claws!)

4- Where's the vacuum cleaner? All those renovations at the tree house have shaken my den seriously and the roots of the tree decided to dump their overload on my head. Call me dusty Wolf!

Silver Wolf
And a suggestion:

Remove AiM and MSN from the messenger list. Both are dead.

On the other hand, Yahoo has a messaging system. Google Hangout. It might be possible to add that.

It's so hot today I'm creating a snow storm from shedding my white hair.

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That's all on Alie and Timmy. Besides, I know you from seeing you both on Uncle AC's forum and the Fort Family one so, we've kinda met Wink

There are tools to increase text size. All depending on your browser. Just Google "Text size " and add the name of your browser and you will find the shortcuts to magnify the text size to something that's easier for you to work with. (Funny, I always thought wolves had excellent eyesight. Or was that sense of smell? Yeah, that might have been it!)

The discord link should have opened in your browser unless you installed the app. The easiest way is to download and install it, then with it installed, click the invite and it will just open in the app. Then you use it like any other chat service. You can get it at: https://discordapp.com/download

I laughed when I saw AIM and MSN messengers listed. They are hard-coded into the forum software and eventually should be pulled out. Or maybe we can get the old folks to add more. IRC, ICQ and maybe even CB handles and stuff... LOL!

As for the vacuum, It was freaking Fuzzy Sandwich out so, we all took turns beating it with sticks until he stopped screaming. I wouldn't recommend bringing in another one.

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I gots a dumb question... Can I get Platinum Habits to play at my Birfday?
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Unca True, who let you outta the Author's Closet?? Tongue
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Hey I still remember my CB handle, so that one could be useful. I was SwampRat. You can take the Cajun out of the bayou, but you can't take the bayou out of the Cajun.
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(2018-07-04, 10:22:18)Timmy and Red Wrote: Unca True, who let you outta the Author's Closet?? Tongue

Timmy, my boy... I've been out of the closet so long... 
But I can sneak out once in a while... Unca ACFan says it's okay.
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Is it because Fuzzy Sandwich asked for a place to regrow his hair peacefully that you took a stroll out of the closet, TrueFam?
And another dumb one: (Puts on author cap) How can I notify you guys of a new chapter or a new story posting? I am a bit lost. My stories appear at Wolf's Nest first and then at the Annex a week later (usually). I found out I would not be able to do so as a new chapter should appear Monday.

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