We're BACK!

Uncle AC and Uncle Str8 finally got off their ancient butts and put our story back, after they fixed all the stuff they didn't listen to us the first time about. Onea these days we'll teach those authors that we know better than them.

Anyway, Timmy says that this spots for all of us to talk about things story related, and nobody argues with Timmy! We tried it once... have you ever been chased around the yard by a camel? By the way, does anyone know how in the heck Timmy got a camel to Orlando?

Our readers and all the characters who hang out here from any story are all okay to ask questions and stuff, author types can ask questions only if they bring at least two dozen cookies for each character in the Treehouse. Sometimes we'll let the author types answer though, it gives us something to giggle about when we have to correct them!

The rooms open for talkin, so let's have some fun!

Chad & CJ

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