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The characters can't see this area (unless they are Admins) but readers and staff can. There is a subforum (Secret Stuff) under this one for author-only information or things that need admin attention.

Use this forum for author-to-author conversations that are okay for public consumption.

(you know, like complaining about how pushy these freaking characters are getting - I mean look at this, they shoved us in a CLOSET!)

Have fun, and the adult beverages are in the fridge!

"A true friend will follow you into the rain to help you with your problems."

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Here's A secret... ACFan likes his backdoors...
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Help TrueFan get his Mac!
He's got more than one??? Is it what is meant by 'I will drill him a new one'?

Anyway, I'm the only fictional character that can come here, because I'm in charge of security for the whole tree, from root to top. Also, I'm an author. I've not put the list up yet since it would clog the computer bandwidth. I suffered (severely) from AAKD (add a kid disease) and ended up with an army!
hey casn I be in the story

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