KC! Whereya at?
Hey KC!

Theresa buncha big boxes out here, gotta be MILLIONS of them, they say theys from Acme Skate Park Outfitterers!

i think that means you can get your new skatepark setup! Whazzit mean by 'corkscrew' though? is is fun, and can I get a piggyback ride when you try it?
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Remember Authors, in MY reality YOU are fictional!

Oh no little dude, that's way too dangerous. If ya want, I'll start teachin' you to skate. Then you'll be able to skate it yourself. I'm already workin' with Joey. You up for it?
dangewous??? bud you skade it!
He does Joey but, not with someone on his back. He may do dangerous stuff but, he's not going to risk one of you guys.
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oh. oday Smile
really crash? you'll teachme too? AWESOME!

DADDY! Crash's gonna teach me to skate!!!!!!
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Remember Authors, in MY reality YOU are fictional!
ACME???????? The same dudes that sold my cousin Willie Coyote all those gadgets that kept him requiring fur grafts???? Kids! Stay away from them boxes until I have had the time to check them for design or assembly errors. I mean it...

Big Bad Security Chief Werewolf

They better not have sent us their returns for defect stock or they'll see what mean means.
Hey! I just remembered. KC was going to come over and help me with my skateboarding too. Can I tag along with the little guys for the lessons? Oh, my oldest two sons, my boyfriend, and some other relatives might show up as well.
My name is NOT Frankenweenie.

All 10 of my rugrats saw you offering to teach those kids how to skate and that's all they've been asking me since! At some point you ARE going to spend a week or two in Vegas showing some of our kids the RIGHT way to skate...

That is if Cory, or Danny, or whoever... says it's ok...
Big Grin
Oh wow yeah, we can all work together here, that'd be sweet. And yeah Dix, I wanna see what you've learned on your own bro!

Silverwolf, those boxes we packed from the compound. There's nothing wrong with them.
Oh, OK.... That is where all the wrapping tape went off to, all 50 miles of it... Come to think of it, you guys really WRAPPED them up. I thought they were taking out mummies!
If you only knew...
Danny - CSAID Director
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But it's my job to know, Danny, otherwise how can I do my job?
nobody knows evewydhing siwvew wowf. dhad wouwd jusd be cwazy!
Joey, werewolves are inherently nuts...
Crash, you teaching skateboarding again? Hold on, I'll alert 'Tonio.....

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