Comparing our author's machines
Okay, whadda you guys think about listing the equipment your author uses to document all the stuff we spend months shoving in their heads just to find out they ain't paying attention and get it all wrong?

I'll start it out .... I'm in the process of updating Uncle AC's machine so that he doesn't have any more excuses...

Late 2015 27 inch iMac (Apple refurb, so it is basically new), i7 4.0 GHz, by the time I'm done over 10 TB of disk space and 48 GB of memory. I think I'll add a 30 inch side display for him too.
The guy who writes down my life, along with a buncha others is TrueFan. I'm one of the first, so they appointed me spokesman...

Like us, he's pretty eclectic. He uses a Dell Laptop running Windows, an Acer Desktop running Linux, a BIG ASS tablet... it's got a like 18" screen running Android, and he just got an Apple iPad running iOS 11.4... we hear he's also trying to get an iMac... we wish he'd make up his mind!
Doesn't he have to have a mind first... Tongue

(It's fun picking on them where they can't do anything about it!)
Our author hasnt written a god@&% word in months! He is writing music for Platinum Habits though, so maybe that counts for something. Eggman is using a 2012 MacPro with 12 Zeon cores at 3.46GHz and 32Gb Rim(mer) with 14TB disk space.
Fuzzy use compy!!!
Fuzzy like Pie!!! 

[Image: photo-636.jpg]

The um... "sandwich" is creepin' me out a little. Not gonna lie to ya...
He's ok KC, offer him some fresh plastic wrap and he'll be your best friend. Seriously.

As for Jeff, he also has a weird mix of stuff to write on. He's used a little android tablet for a while, he wrote small bits of our story on two different iPhones. A 5S and an 8 Plus. He's worked on his iPad a more than I bet he'd like to admit too. As for actual computers, he has a Dell Inspiron that looks identical to TrueFan's but it has a virus. It does, lots of people got hit with it too. They call it Windows 10. (Yeah, I know.) His favorite right now is his new MacBook Pro. It's a little bit older but thanks to uncle ACFan, it's gonna scream when I'm done with it. Sad thing is, he's got a really good laptop to write with and now, HE'S NOT WRITING ANYTHING! (Well, he wrote a couple of short stories and some other dark crap but... Nothing good Wink
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jeff said I can use dhe dew!!! He did! i asked if I could use a compudew and he just gave I’d do me!
Not to sit on ya little monkey!
yeaha, he did. he said id would be good for me if I sid down on it do weawn.

He said it would be good for you to sit down WITH it to learn, not on it ya goofball.
With it, on it... whatever he wants to do with it.

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Quote:August Christopher @ May 4 2005, on 06:38 AM, said:
It isn't Rob, Jeff or myself. It is all of us that are driving this board or sites to be a valuable, challanging or alternative site to read...
Just never forget that ever...
Uncle August ;-)

yeah casey so, Tongue~
Now I know why my computer seems to have fuzzy logic... Fuzzy Sandwich was working on it!
See! Fuzzy Use Compy!!!
Fuzzy like Pie!!! 

[Image: photo-636.jpg]
Mac Pro (Mid 2012) Refurbed
Model Name: Mac Pro
Model Identifier: MacPro5,1
Processor Name: 6-Core Intel Xeon
Processor Speed: 3.33 GHz
Memory: 32 GB
Radeon RX 560: 4GB
256GB SSD - Boot Drive
3TB HD for stories
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