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Posted 14 February 2018 - 02:36 AM

Dear Readers,

Let's see we had a chapter war between True Fan & Lindon, DouglasDD posted two new stories, Zarek Dragon has been busy posting as well. Snowblind with the help of his editor, Editor Scott has completed the posting of the re-edited Book One of Jared The Paramedic and they even posted a chapter that is only available here. Beldro the Magnificent and Maxieplus plus were also brave enough to brave the deluge of posts and kept on posting their own chapters. Bill W has also joined in the insanity courtesy of AC'S Corner Café with the first four books ofThe Castaway Hotel.
While all this craziness has been going on I have been busy editing stories for the Cupid's Arrows 2018 Short Story Event as well as writing my own entry. All of the entries will go live sometime tomorrow on F.R.E.D and then the individual stories will go live on their hosted sites.
I have also been writing some more of Dragon Earl Chapter Thirteen and it is at 14,351 words and 37 Pages. Due to its forecasted length, it will be released in multiple parts, as of now at least two. Thanks to a kick in the rear from some friends of mine (Yes AC you are the main one!) I have returned to my original writing style instead of trying to write like the rest of the world. Since then writing has been easier and faster, and it is fun again.
So let me see we had over twenty chapters and several new stories posted and I didn't have to do anything, life is wonderful. Thank you, authors, and thank you Akeentia for the great software.
Have a great week,

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