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Posted 10 March 2018 - 06:40 PM

It's a great day to keep our chairs warm!
Over at our sister site (, one of our little brothers began posting his poetry. Well, today "Garret D. M." was approved to be co-hosted on our site so you all get to check out the work of a brand new author! Be sure to check out his poems: Chosen & Insomnia as well as the first chapter of his brand new story: Boise ID which looks like it's going to be awesome! Be sure to let him know what you think of his work, okay?
We also have a brand new story from one of our veteran authors! Boudreaux posted the first chapter of his brand new story Gifts today as well. (I know he posted a news report already but, I wanted to add that I just read it and this looks like it is going to be a story to watch!) Don't forget to fire off a quick email to him as well as you all know, reader feedback is the only paycheck any online author can hope for. Blow up their inboxes, you have my permission ;)
Til' the next update...

Read this post on the originating website!

View the full article at our sister forum: Fort Family - Nest and Retreat!

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